The Big Country Acres private subdivision is located in northwest St. Charles County at the corner of Dietrich Rd & High Sierra. The subdivision roads and common grounds are maintained 100% by the Homeowners Association.
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Trash Volume
If you are doing a "spring cleaning", remodeling or otherwise have a lot of trash, please don't put it all in at once as a courtesy to your neighbors. If you are doing a large project, you ought to get your own rolloff. If you do have a large item, please break it down as much as possible to help us avoid extra pickup charges.
Thank you to all who report non-BCA vehicles using our dumpster. They are reported to the police. Combination locks on trash and recycling bins are to protect residents' ability to fit their items in the bins. If you see abuse of the locks or bins, please notify a trustee and it will be reported to the police. If you don't know the combination, contact a trustee.
Recycling & Trash Update
Please do all you can to recycle appropriate materials instead of putting them in the dumpster. Also, put everything as far back as you can to leave room for others.
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR) and Rules
All lot owners and home owners of Big Country Acres have all of the rights, privileges, duties, obligations and liabilities as are prescribed under the terms and
provisions of the subdivision covenants. Follow the link for current and past CCRs, recent amendments, as well as Lake Rules and Dumpster Rules.   CCR and Rules >>
Photo Gallery
Did you get great pic of some wildlife that you'd like to share? Or a gorgeous sunset? Visit the photos page to see what your neighbors have caught on film and to submit photos of your own.   Photos >>

Emergency notifications are now being posted on instead so that they will be sent to everyone who subscribes. Contact a trustee for an invitation link.


Neighborhood Communication is our primary method for communicating emergency and other helpful information. If you have not joined, simply contact a trustee and they can send you an invitation link.

Inflation Calculations

Some residents have asked for a clarfication of the inflation addition to their assessments. This is provided for in the CCR and calculated using a government website which updates monthly. Inflation charges had just not been implemented until 2015 because it was not needed. Assessments may be reduced below the legal amount in the CCR any time the trustees estimate that the legal amount will not be needed to cover expenses. CCR and Rules >>

Please Go Green!!

If you would be willing to receive your communications electronically, please join our private group and notify the Secretary.

Services Offered
The residents of our subdivision represent a wide variety of occupations and hobbies. Why not help each other out and do business from within! If you are looking to hire someone for a temporary or permanent job, check out the Referrals page to see whether someone in our subdivision might be able to meet your needs.  Referrals >>
Helpful Links
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Wentzville School District
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